Sunset; Sunday Stills Challenge.

This was taken at 5:43 pm when i was out for a stroll. Sunsets will always have a soft spot in my heart. It is only by chance that the color for Sunday Stills Challenge is Apricot which is somewhat the color of sunsets as well.. H.H


Variable. Day by dayYour love changesFron zero to hundredFron hundred to zeroSometimes a realityOther times a fantasyA clumsy variableBut my affection for youIt's a variable tooYou may think,That It's a pityBut darling, me plus youWe make a perfect infinity. P.S: it was written for, almost 3 weeks ago, #FOWC . Well, i'll just post it... Continue Reading →

Cloak Of Despair….

You seeA golden chanceA perfect opportunityAnd you reach outWith excitementAnd passionAnd hopeYes! It's for me.But SuddenlyNo! not for meI am lacking stillSomewhat somewhereA little bitNot just yet.And you let goAs everyone jumps inAnd you let goOf these chancesEverydayAnd hide backUnder your cloakWondering when Will it be your turnTo take the flightTowards your dream.

Dream of a Dead;Why does it matter?!

Sometimes a person dreams, but he dies struggling to make it true. Another person makes that dream come true. Do you think it will make that dead man happy.? Seeing the reality of my dream; does it even matter when i am not alive myself, when i don't exist anymore…..Isn't it ironic?

The Storm…..

Image credit; Stromseeker @ Unsplash My Perspective of the picture in WDYS Challenge by Sadje For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a hand emerging out of a vast body of water. Is it asking for help or waving to the world? The storm in her mindOf the lies and the factsPulls her down stronglyInto the... Continue Reading →

Turning 22…

Today is my Birthday. Status is happy even though there's no birthday cake. WOW, i am already 22, and i haven't achieved even half of my life goals yet. But my friend says it's okay if i am not even midway yet. Everyone has a different timeline. I will achieve it when i am meant... Continue Reading →

Bumpy Ride…..

Image credit; Yaopey Yong @ Unsplash For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a bicycle leaning against a wall which has a wall art of two boys. The bicycle is positioned in a way that the boys appear to be riding it. My take on WDYS challenge.. Come on, my friendLet's go on a... Continue Reading →


A box full of makeup productsLay open in front of herShe carefully choseA little bit eyeshadeAnd some blush.A bit mascaraAnd a beautiful lip tint.She looked around.Everyone was thereWho should she ask?!She looked in the mirror,A smile fulfilled her beauty She Approved.And it was the only approval That mattered.                   H.HDreamer Word Of The Day

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