The free soul that you once locked away Just too sick of the world’s unending fray Disapproval, Rejection and their expectations You had lost the control of it, anyway It’s my life though, telling yourself in silence But to the world outside, you couldn’t say Enslaved heart, murdered dreams and a locked soul You cannot... Continue Reading →


The Healer.

People say time is the greatest healer. It is but only when you let it to be. A doctor can give you medicine but you will be cured only when you take them. Wounds only get worse when you keep on scratching them. And, specifically the wounds in heart, they must e left untouched in... Continue Reading →

The Hypocrite.

A motivation for all, a perfect example A rising star that nothing could hamper A mentor she was for those who seek And a helping hand for every meek Giving people hope, a beacon of light In every calamity, showing how to fight Her words were like a magical charm Casting a spell that couldn’t... Continue Reading →

Humans, Not Terrorists!!!!!

Assalam o Alaikum to all Humans. Palestinians(Muslims) being killed everyday by Israeli forces .   Kashmiris (Muslims) being killed everyday by Indian forces. 15 march 2019, 50 Muslims martyred in Christchurch , New Zealand due to mass shooting in two mosques by an intruder.   Muslims murdered in India just because they are Muslims...   ... Continue Reading →

Let go, Move on!!!

    The other day I was listening to a motivational speech on “Let go, move on”. You must have as well heard people telling you this. These words really make me annoyed. Because whenever something bad happens, there are these words coming out of every single mouth. It’s easy for people to say this,... Continue Reading →

The Blindfold.

In our life we meet or see several people but there is some one person who gets stuck in our mind. We make that person our idol. We just love that person and it’s good to love. But this love blindfolds us. We don’t see any bad in him, just good. And as for other... Continue Reading →

Where I Belong!!!!!

Assalam o Alaikum! (May you be blessed) Happy Independence Day, Pakistan. Today is a day about facts. When I started my blog, I didn’t want to tell anyone about my country because it is extremely ill famed. Whenever I tried to search, what other people thought about it, I hardly found anything good. Maybe people... Continue Reading →

When Will I Matter!!!!!!!

Sometimes, at a point in your life, You get this feeling. The feeling of being insignificant. The feeling of being not important and the feeling  of being an extra. This feeling really hurts. At this point you do not find any reason to be in this world. No destination, No aim, no purpose. It feels... Continue Reading →

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