Where I Belong!!!!!


Assalam o Alaikum! (May you be blessed)

Happy Independence Day, Pakistan. Today is a day about facts. When I started my blog, I didn’t want to tell anyone about my country because it is extremely ill famed. Whenever I tried to search, what other people thought about it, I hardly found anything good. Maybe people don’t know the truth and maybe they don’t even want to. I would have never written it if I would not have read someone’s blog about how much they hated my country. Their Hatred has reached such a level that they wished the country should be wiped out from the world.


You might be familiar with a country named Pakistan bestowed with a lot of natural beauty.  Now I will not say that my country is the most beautiful and it is the best. I’ll just talk about facts. People are not wrong when they say that Pakistan is hardly surviving in this world. People do not die of hunger and thirst, yet they live with it. We are facing the threat of running short of water in 2050. We used to read in our books that people of Pakistan are hardworking. Most of them are not. If they were they would have made Pakistan as prosperous as China. The politicians seem to care only about their interests. When I was kid I used to believe that my people are bound by a bond stronger than anything else in the world. But I can see people fighting over cast, creed and race. They even fight with their loved ones about the things they don’t know. Most of them are not ready to accept other’s ideas. And when they don’t find a good natural reason to support theirs, they get angry. People are not patient neither forgiving nor patriotic. People kill people die. So, it does not make sense to let such a country exist, right???     “No! wrong”


Although Pakistan is not prosperous, doesn’t mean it will never be! There used to be many terrorist attacks in Pakistan, but things have improved now due to the operations led by Army. I know you can hardly find any good in Pakistan but, Abdul sitar Edhi was born here, I know that as well. Pakistanis are not hardworking, but yes Pakistan is the first Muslim country to become nuclear power. Arfa kareem, first youngest Microsoft Certified Professional(MCP), is a Pakistani. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the great founder of Pakistan, who always forced on a complete harmony among all nations. Yes, you cannot ignore him. There are many other who love each other, not caring about the differences of cast, creed and race.

“Darkness cannot be destroyed, it can only be overcome by lighting more candles. You cannot lose hope as long as there is even one candle lit”

Yes, I know its prisons are filled with sinners but Are your country’s prisons empty?? No, they are not. Isn’t there any destitute in your country?? Isn’t there any attack in your country?? Isn’t there any protests or any sit ins?? Are your politicians that sincere?? No, I don’t think so.  Every country, every Nation has a dark side, but it doesn’t mean you just Eliminate that country. Why not, for once just once, look at the bright side??? Why not stay positive? Why not encourage the good things rather than pointing the bad??? I guess wrong will be ultimately weakened if we strengthen the right.

I love my country because it is My Country. I own it because it always owns me. 🙂



When Will I Matter!!!!!!!


Sometimes, at a point in your life, You get this feeling. The feeling of being insignificant. The feeling of being not important and the feeling  of being an extra. This feeling really hurts. At this point you do not find any reason to be in this world. No destination, No aim, no purpose. It feels like every single person in the world matters but you do not….

What should we do at this point?? well, you should assure yourself that you are important. If you do not trust me then trust God. He never creates anything insignificant. You might think that you are some rubbish but actually you are the chosen one!. you are chosen one to live this very moment, to take this very breath and to take this very step.

You are alive because there is at least something for you and, at most, something special.

Some people might try to show you that you are nothing. Just ignore them 🙂 . Only consider those for whom you are everything And there are these people.Be sure that You are special, Brilliant and extraordinary. You do matter. You just have to wait for the right moment. Until then keep finding and furnishing the real you

Quietness is the killer in the end…….


World wanted her to so she became,

Gentle and nice but quietness came

As a gift….

She had to be gentle, and nice


so she became very quiet.

She was rejected but stayed calm

she had to erase, luck written on her palm

you are a girl, so stay quiet

You are weak, so stay quiet

She learned it by heart


and lost her voice somewhere in dark

She was asked to surrender,so she did

Not a word, not a scream

They built their castles upon her dream

the dreams remained dreams

no matter how much she tried

the life did not change

no matter how much she died


she stopped dreaming she began to rust

She considered it a gift,


The Quietness ,


but it was made a curse

For it was the killer in the end……………….

Three Days, Three Quotes; The Saga Continues


Although i am new to these challenges, I’ll try to do my best.

This quote of Rumi is one of m favourite ones. Whenever i read it, i feel like it tells me to wide open my eyes and see the world around. If not the eyes of reality than by the eyes of imagination. You do not have to limit your dreams, you don’t have to be afraid of others, What you need to do is to open your heart and let your soul feel the  power of imagination…..

A lot of thanks to Wit and Whimsy  for nominating me for the challenge. I hope i do it in the right way….

Rules (Or Recommendations!)

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.

• Post three quotes over the course of three days.

• Nominate three other bloggers.


I have been reading blogs of many bloggers and all were extraordinary But these have really inspiredme

Not Good Enough??????

A brilliant piece of art

But they consider it

just mere strokes

for they think it is good

but not good enough

The master piece

Whole emotions and feeling

Converted simply to words

But lost it is as a piece of foolscap

For they think it is good

But not good enough

The story of love and friendship

Played by the piano

The words delivered as a sweet melody

But it was left as some rubbish

For they thought it was good

But not good enough

I have seen a million faces

Staying in dark

Just because they didn’t value themselves

They thought They were good

But not good enough……..

What’s the rush????

via Daily Prompt: Rush 

They say what’s the rush

You will get there

when you are meant to be

You don’t need to dare

you can just wait and see

When the time comes

You can do it the easy way

But i tell them, If I’ll dare

If i’ll Fulfil the task with some glare

I will get the best of the rewards

I know there is no rush to be there

but I have a thousand dreams

yet to be accessed

So I must hurry to get them

Before they are left unacheived ………

I must start now, I must rush

‘Cause I know

There are many stones

in the way to crush

if I want to pass them,

I must  start now, i must rush….

You Choose Your Way.

We all have dreams and we cannot stop ourselves from dreaming. It is a fact. We spend our lives running before them like maniacs. Sometimes, we get it. Sometimes, we don’t. if we do, its luck and if we don’t we call it, fate. According to me, it’s just a way to cover the embarrassment.

It’s neither fate nor luck that fulfils our dreams. It’s our choices. They make us different or I should say, they make the difference. It’s not that there is no such thing as fate. Fate and choice exist in correlation. Our fate does not determine our success or failure. Our choices do. we all must die, to end our lives. Our choices will not make us live forever. But they will certainly help us end our lives in a better way and that’s what matters the most. If you must live 70 years, that’s your fate but how to live it, that’s definitely your choice.

Sometimes our fate is ready to give us something and our wrong choices ruin the game. If you failed first time, don’t give up for a second try. what if it’s your fate to win second time and you choose to give up.

You always have a thousand ways in front of you. you must choose one and what it offers at end, that will be your fate. Your best choice will give you the best ending.

So, don’t give up. Don’t stop struggling to get your goal. Select the right way. If you choose to struggle, if you choose to win, you will win in the end. you just have to do it, till the end.