The Blindfold.

In our life we meet or see several people but there is some one person who gets stuck in our mind. We make that person our idol. We just love that person and it’s good to love. But this love blindfolds us. We don’t see any bad in him, just good. And as for other... Continue Reading →


Where I Belong!!!!!

Assalam o Alaikum! (May you be blessed) Happy Independence Day, Pakistan. Today is a day about facts. When I started my blog, I didn’t want to tell anyone about my country because it is extremely ill famed. Whenever I tried to search, what other people thought about it, I hardly found anything good. Maybe people... Continue Reading →

When Will I Matter!!!!!!!

Sometimes, at a point in your life, You get this feeling. The feeling of being insignificant. The feeling of being not important and the feeling  of being an extra. This feeling really hurts. At this point you do not find any reason to be in this world. No destination, No aim, no purpose. It feels... Continue Reading →

Not Good Enough??????

A brilliant piece of art But they consider it just mere strokes for they think it is good but not good enough The master piece Whole emotions and feeling Converted simply to words But lost it is as a piece of foolscap For they think it is good But not good enough The story of... Continue Reading →

What’s the rush????

via Daily Prompt: Rush  They say what's the rush You will get there when you are meant to be You don't need to dare you can just wait and see When the time comes You can do it the easy way But i tell them, If I'll dare If i'll Fulfil the task with some... Continue Reading →

You Choose Your Way.

We all have dreams and we cannot stop ourselves from dreaming. It is a fact. We spend our lives running before them like maniacs. Sometimes, we get it. Sometimes, we don’t. if we do, its luck and if we don’t we call it, fate. According to me, it’s just a way to cover the embarrassment.... Continue Reading →

The permit to live…..

via Daily Prompt: Permit  There are hundreds of thousands of people in this world fighting for freedom, waiting with their lives for a permit to live... Today I am writing this blog for every single person who has been enslaved against his will. We who are free can not understand the true meanings of freedom.... Continue Reading →

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