i want to dive into the ocean of my imaginationAnd dance to the beat of falling raindrops, wearing the dress of flower petals And the crown of dewdrops riding along the wavesand accompanying the stars, To the constellations of my thoughts and Galaxies of my scars... To Sit beside them and consider them and, myself.I... Continue Reading →


No one knows you better than you. If you think you can do it then you can do it... Don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise.... You hold the power in you that no one else can see.. Best of Luck.👍


i can fly that’s what i thought but my wings they were broken for help i screamed,cried but no one cared there was a storm inside me waiting to comeout but i shut it into a cage as no one can be safe from its rage i tried to hold colours of world in my... Continue Reading →

The Blemish…. (Poem)

If they tell you, you are not worthy Don’t let it stroke. You, stay strong and show them You are no joke. Those talking mouths Shouldn’t Bother you at all ‘cuz they don’t know who you are!!! Rough and Tough with a pinch of perfection You are awesome, don’t need any correction This blemish on... Continue Reading →

The contrast in this world!!!!

This world is so full of contrast and you don’t even need to look closely to realize that. There is winter and summer, spring and autumn, day and night, sunset and sunrise, departures and arrivals, births and deaths and much more than I can describe. These contrasts are actually what make this world really beautiful.... Continue Reading →

Some Catharsis, Please!

Days ago, I was watching a show in which they were talking about increasing depression and panic and other things like that among people. I really wanted to write about it. People have become really depressed and impatient in the real fast world of today. They get into fights really easily and also, people who... Continue Reading →

It Will End…..

I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote this poem. But when I read it, it reminded me of the little school days’ poems which sound so cute now but still they impart so much on our hearts and on our minds. So, Yeah, let me assure you once again that bad times... Continue Reading →

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