What’s the rush????

via Daily Prompt: Rush  They say what's the rush You will get there when you are meant to be You don't need to dare you can just wait and see When the time comes You can do it the easy way But i tell them, If I'll dare If i'll Fulfil the task with some... Continue Reading →


You Choose Your Way.

We all have dreams and we cannot stop ourselves from dreaming. It is a fact. We spend our lives running before them like maniacs. Sometimes, we get it. Sometimes, we don’t. if we do, its luck and if we don’t we call it, fate. According to me, it’s just a way to cover the embarrassment.... Continue Reading →

The permit to live…..

via Daily Prompt: Permit  There are hundreds of thousands of people in this world fighting for freedom, waiting with their lives for a permit to live... Today I am writing this blog for every single person who has been enslaved against his will. We who are free can not understand the true meanings of freedom.... Continue Reading →

Blessing in Disguise

Somedays ago, I realized that we are becoming too much materialistic. We only care about things in life. This thing we have, that thing we don’t have and most of the things we want to have. I have always imagined having many different things I want in my life (although most of them are quite... Continue Reading →

The Evoked Memories.

via Daily Prompt: Evoke As I walked through the door several memories suddenly evoked They were here, I forgot When I saw, the things of past. Through my mind, they trespassed Some of them gave me the smile Others evoked the pain in heart Good or bad, they will stay Reminding me of being astray And having many... Continue Reading →

Brilliant: So Difficult.

via Daily Prompt: Brilliant A brilliant student, A brilliant artist, A brilliant person, A brilliant star. We often hear these words. Sometimes I also wish if these words were for me, But it's not easy to be Brilliant. It requires a lot of hard work to be. it takes extreme struggle for a pearl to... Continue Reading →

Thank you, 2017

Thank you For the people who were And the people who are. For the people who left And the people, gone far Thanks for even that. For the tickles and the smiles And the pains and the cries For the tears that shed And the happiness, infinite            Thanks for even that. For the moments... Continue Reading →

Almost There…….

Almost.....when i saw this word , it just came to me that this word keeps us going .In life, everyone of us has goals,we all are bound to do something but that something requires something that is harder than anything........Persistence and sticking to the goal. At times in life, we just want to leave that... Continue Reading →

Life goes on…

Let me tell you a story I saw a flock of birds flying in a formation, one fell down, others stopped waited for him to stand up. But too tired he felt, So, he gave up and others kept on, making a new formation filling up the vacancy he created. I learnt a lesson- world... Continue Reading →

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