Almost There…….

Almost…..when i saw this word , it just came to me that this word keeps us going .In life, everyone of us has goals,we all are bound to do something but that something requires something that is harder than anything……..Persistence and sticking to the goal. At times in life, we just want to leave that goal, to be just free from the shackles of dreams and this word “almost” keeps us going . To think that we are almost there , that the hard work is now almost at the end and that, now we can almost enjoy what we earned, it gives us a kind of power that stimulates in us , the new will to achieve our goal.

But if , the goals remain unattainable , then this word becomes a symbol of great regret . “i was almost there” this sentence is the cause of never ending pain for it shows ” if i had done just a little bit more” and where there is a “If”, there is a line of  long unfinished stories. So either you can  motivate yourself by this word and achieve your destination or you can give up and save this word for regret in future. The choice is yours


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