When Will I Matter!!!!!!!


Sometimes, at a point in your life, You get this feeling. The feeling of being insignificant. The feeling of being not important and the feeling  of being an extra. This feeling really hurts. At this point you do not find any reason to be in this world. No destination, No aim, no purpose. It feels like every single person in the world matters but you do not….

What should we do at this point?? well, you should assure yourself that you are important. If you do not trust me then trust God. He never creates anything insignificant. You might think that you are some rubbish but actually you are the chosen one!. you are chosen one to live this very moment, to take this very breath and to take this very step.

You are alive because there is at least something for you and, at most, something special.

Some people might try to show you that you are nothing. Just ignore them 🙂 . Only consider those for whom you are everything And there are these people.Be sure that You are special, Brilliant and extraordinary. You do matter. You just have to wait for the right moment. Until then keep finding and furnishing the real you

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  1. I took a philosophy class last year that seriously altered the course of my life! I used to feel like what you spoke of in your post every single day after I was “discharged” from the Marine Corps. I swear they should change that word to “discarded”! I struggled really bad with it as well as PTSD and everything that came with it! I quickly grew tired of therapists telling me they didn’t know how to help me and turned to drugs and alcohol! My life spun so far out of control so fast too! Anyways, in this philosophy class, we read about Dr. Frankel, an Aushwitz survivor. But he was more than just a survivor, he’s a complete badass. I’m sure you’ve heard of I.Q. before right? Well from him I learned about E.U. emotional understanding! I also learned as well as chose a path and purpose in my life from reading what he wrote while in Aushwitz, ” Man’s Meaning of Life” I do believe it was titled! Also, read Martin Luther King ” A Letter From a Burminham Jail”. Great post! Stay up. Stay human too.

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