Some Catharsis, Please!

Days ago, I was watching a show in which they were talking about increasing depression and panic and other things like that among people. I really wanted to write about it. People have become really depressed and impatient in the real fast world of today. They get into fights really easily and also, people who are not depressed suffer as well because they must take all the heat after all. So, there should be a way to let all this depression out without hurting anyone. And there is, the process that we call as “Catharsis”. There are many ways to “enjoy” the benefits of catharsis and I’ll be listing some down here just to help you out in choosing which one you can try.

  • When I hear the word catharsis, the first thing that comes to my mind is a loud “scream”. Well you can try doing this, you know, shouting your pain out. It really helps but try not to do it in public for you might get scolded for hurting people’s ear drums. 😊  
  • The second most “effective” way of catharsis is writing a diary. Whatever you feel, whatever you think about anything or anyone, you can just jot it down. Passing down all the anger and frustrating thoughts to the page. I personally like this one because I can really discuss the annoying people without actually “back biting”. But you must keep your diary at a safe place where no one could find it. Because people will not like it if they read your “precious thoughts” about them. 😊
  • Most people, when they are frustrated and don’t know what to do, like to break things. As if breaking the stuff will break their agony. You can try doing this. Just don’t hurt yourself. And others as well or you might become a victim of their catharsis. 😊

    P.S: Don’t try this stunt at home if you live with your parents or there will be consequences for breaking stuff as well…… (A sincere warning)

  • Just a few people who are good at drawing like to vent through painting. Many others, who are not good at it also, try to do so. It’s a good thing. Of course you can go for it (It doesn’t have any side effects, As far as i see).

The important point is that these methods help you to get yourself free of panic and depression. But a more important point is that why get panicked and depressed. You had been doing great until now. You can do better than this. Even if you can’t, it’s okay. You are beautiful, you are wonderful and you are amazing. Whatever people say about you, it can’t be completely true because they don’t know you, so you do not need to consider it (Of course you should consider it if you know that it’s true). If your life is getting hard then it will get easy as well. You just have to stay calm and focused till then. Be good, Do good and all will be good. I read in my textbook “Don’t stuff your head with the things you don’t understand”. Yeah, that’s a sound advice to live a happy life…  🙂

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