Rusty Relic

“What’s in the box?” Asked the boy as the old man wiped away the dust from the old jewlery box,
A soft smile hit the old man’s lips, and a sad one in his eyes..
“Well, a few things and alot of memories”
“I wanna see” The boy got curious..”Please”
“Sure” Old man got up from his chair, creaking sounds disturbed the silence, both from the chair and his degenerating bones…
From under the cover of a shelf, he took out an outdated key and returned to his chair.. Put the key into the key hole and opened the box. The boy got closer with curiosity.. Old man looked in the box as if he had opened some treasure… The boy saw, inside was a ladies’ hair brush, ear rings and a pearls necklace…
“These are your wife’s?” old man nodded in yes.
“And you have kept them?”…Boy asked in awe..
“You see, these aren’t just some things, these are memories…” He paused  “it’s my rusty relic”..

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