“Busy life” minus “Screens” is equal to “Not so busy life”.

Hey, hello, Hi.
It’s been some time. These days i am again active on my blog. The words block that i thought i had, was not so much of a block. It was an abandonment from myself to my writings.

Not many of you know, but i am a medical student. Some might think that it’s busy life. Well, it’s not. I realised it myself just a week ago when i promised myself i will reduce the screen time from my life.
And GOD i was so bored.. I completed the novel that i was reading (Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte), I completed all of my assignments, did the chores and then i was sitting there just like that, wondering if there is any purpose of my life.

I don’t usually break promises with myself. So i went out, and there was just so much to see. Different birds, trees in every color, people with their busy lives. I felt that screens take so much of our life. They practically eat it. Scrolling through social media all day long, we say we are making online friends. But the real life friends? The people around you at the moment? What about them?

i think that’s justifiable, though. Because everyone’s just so busy that we wish no one approaches us at all. But there’s so much in this world that i feel like we are missing out on.

Also, because of these devices i think the last minute struggles have increased. We keep on procrastinating what requires time, including myself (Ouch). We really need to decide what we are gonna do with our lives. Are we gonna waste it away or have the most of it?

As for myself, i am trying to write again and trying to talk to people more, and not getting annoyed when they talk to me. Also looking for different courses and part-time jobs here and there, i hope i can keep my promise to myself.

Love and power to you all.
Create your own happiness.

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