Dream of a Dead;Why does it matter?!

Sometimes a person dreams, but he dies struggling to make it true. Another person makes that dream come true. Do you think it will make that dead man happy.? Seeing the reality of my dream; does it even matter when i am not alive myself, when i don't exist anymore…..Isn't it ironic?

Rusty Relic

"What's in the box?" Asked the boy as the old man wiped away the dust from the old jewlery box,A soft smile hit the old man's lips, and a sad one in his eyes.."Well, a few things and alot of memories""I wanna see" The boy got curious.."Please""Sure" Old man got up from his chair, creaking... Continue Reading →


No one knows you better than you. If you think you can do it then you can do it... Don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise.... You hold the power in you that no one else can see.. Best of Luck.πŸ‘

The Healer.

People say time is the greatest healer. It is but only when you let it to be. A doctor can give you medicine but you will be cured only when you take them. Wounds only get worse when you keep on scratching them. And, specifically the wounds in heart, they must be left untouched in... Continue Reading →

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