Don’t be Someone Else …….

There are a thousand things that we want to be but these thousand are the same things that are just not for us. What should we do then? sHould we give up on life? should we just stay unhappy and discontented? Well, i don’t think so…… Even though those thousand things aren’t meant for you, there are still a million things there for you, which make your life just as beautiful. People counter this comment by saying “but we don’t want those million things”. Well that doesn’t change the fact that you have them.. You have to live anyway, cuz what’s not for you, you’ll never reach. Rather than keeping the sad face, why not make use of what you have and keep the happy face…😊
Actually, Even out of those thousand things, it’s not that our heart wants all of them. Most of the time, Our hearts are just envious of what others have… We want it so we can show it off too. We want to be someone else so bad that sometimes, in this masquerade, we even lose track of ourselves. We forget to be happy even when happiness comes to us.
Don’t do this to yourself. Don’t ruin your life. Learn to be happy with yourself. Learn to love yourself without hating others. Life is beautiful for everyone, you just need to see it.

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